miroir wanted urgently

  1. hey does anyone know where i can get a miroir from?
    :confused1: :graucho: :p
  2. try let-trade.com, he had some a few days ago. which one do you want?
  3. eBay or let-trade is your only bet.
  4. yeah im going with eBay or let-trade as your best bet.!!
  5. Are you looking for Speedy, Alma, Papillon, Pochette or Keepall? :confused1:
  6. am looking for a speedy..there is one in australia...item number150121155311[​IMG][​IMG]

    and one is Italy...item # 150121651710[​IMG][​IMG]

    but how does one know if they are kosher...why r they so cheap? arent they limted edition bags?
    SOS..I am new at this...??
  7. ^
    The one from Australia looks so strange.. I mean it's definitely Speedy..but she called it Alma in description.

    And...don't bid on the one from Italy, it seems to good to be true!! If something happened, you will find it's hard to do the return and everything.
  8. I was told the one from Australia is fake in the Authentification thread. So stay away!

    There are two speedys on Let-Trade atm, a silver and gold one. I think US$2699 for the silver and US$2999 for the gold.

    Good luck!
  9. Not the speedy, but the miroir is going to come out in the Lockit style... should be this summer. If you get on a list, you won't have to pay ebay prices and worry about authenticity.
  10. the ebay prices on the mirror are outrageous