Miroir & Vernis Hearts available; Cosmetics Cases DELAYED

  1. Just got off the phone with my SA- the miroir and vernis cosmetics cases will NOT be available tomorrow. No stores on the mainland or Hawaii have received any whatsoever. My store only got 1 of each style heart in (silver already spoken for), so at least for now stock will be low for the hearts.
  2. Thanks for the info! :wlae:
  3. I wonder if anyone in Aus purchased any yet as I think my store is holding onto them for a V-Day event:push:
  4. thanks for the update, ValleyO!
  5. I heard that they were a one shot deal. Once they've recieved their full shipment, there wouldn't be a second order.

    Now that they're so limited, I hope everyone who wants one, is able to get it.
  6. thanks for the info! I talked to my SA in Bangkok and she confirmed that the mirior hearts are out today, but we only received one in each colour for each store. :tdown:

    About the cosmetic case, can someone tell me the dimension pleaseeeeeee... I tried to search, but the search function is down!!! Please pleaseeeee
  7. Looks like it's super limited.
  8. This is how it started out last year.....the stores here each got some more in after the initial shipment. Hang in there gals! I think we'll all get our hearts and cosmetic cases eventually!
  9. was just about to post something similar, went into the store in Perth on my lunch break saw the hearts absolutely beautiful, love them, i liked the purple more purely as it had a cute dangly part with a little lock and key and tag, my SA said that the cosmetic cases would be coming in but not sure yet, she's ringing me to give me the silver when it comes in. They actually looked a lot bigger than i envisaged!!

    also we just got in the new vernis bag (sorry name escapes me) the small wouldn't fit over shoulder the large would and it's gorgeous, also had new cles was really spacious and cute and at $390 AUD isn't too bad!!!
  10. My SA said this time round there will be more Miroir Hearts available and it won't be as difficult to get as the last vernis ones.
  11. Bummer...I hope to get a case and am trying to stop myself from buying a heart. Thanks for the update...hopefully the shipments will arrive soon. Good luck to all!
  12. Bugger. I spoke to SA on Monday (in Dublin) and she said they were getting the cosmetic cases, but she wasn't sure when. She was going to phone me today to let me know, so I'll update once I've heard from here....

  13. rowie1985 : Do you know how much the mirror heart purses are? Too bad they don't have any dangly stuff at the end of the chair...else it would look supercute!
  14. I'm dying to get the cosmetic case in Violette or Silver and a cles in Violette. I wonder when the stores will receive the cases??
  15. Thanks for the update! Patience is a virtue, but I am so bad at being patient!