Miroir Update

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  1. I wanted to share a new picture of my Miroir collection:


    Enjoy! : )
  2. Absolutely gorgeous! How do they feel?
  3. I love the Gold pap! :drool: :drool: I soo can't wait to get mine!!

  4. Beeeeeeeeeeautiful!! Thanks Michelle for sharing the gorgeous pics!!
  5. you're so lucky!!
  6. The perfect combination :love:
  7. Beautiful! Congrats!!:nuts:
  8. MmMm reminds me of the holidays!!
  9. Beautiful collection!!!!!!!
  10. Congrats! Again!

    Thanks for sharing the pics, Michelle!:love:
  11. Woww!! Good choice of bags and colours. Now are you sure you do not want a gold speedy too? :smile:
  12. Oh my god... I looove it!!!! :biggrin:

    Ben, you spoil her!!! :devil:

  13. They feel vinyl-y. If that makes any sense. Kind of like Vernis, but puffy. LOL.
  14. Really beautiful - a fantastic set
  15. What great purchases! Congrats! :yes: