Miroir Stories

  1. Anyone can feel free to add onto the thread. Just thought I would share a few. First of all, I get lots of looks with this bag. I was getting coffee the other day and the baristas at Starbucks said, "That is some interesting purse. I would picture that you would be a robot carrying something like that"...and "you could blind someone with that" :wtf: and then one of the young men said,"I could see you saying, "bite my shiny metal a$$" to people" which that is what Bender from Futurama says. If I wouldn't have known that I would have been confused. Anyhow, I didn't make mention that I knew what they were talking about. It was just odd! Then one of the young men decides to POKE at my purse to feel it. :cursing: It's like, umn NO! you did NOT just touch it! You have been working near blenders with milk and ice and coffee and you did not just touch my bag. I gave him the look of death!! I snatched up my bag and kept it near me for safety!

    Anyhow, another funny thing. I'm not used to this shininess since this is my first miroir and I was driving home and trying to merge over to the other lane. I was getting so mad because I thought I saw this truck in my mirror that was preventing me from merging. Yeah, *cough* it was not another silver truck. It was just my bag shining in the mirror, lol.

    So if you have any stories to add, feel free! Thought I would share mine. ;)
  2. Lol.
    My favorite one was actually my very first compliment on my silver Speedy. There was a guy working in this calendar kiosk in the mall and I was walking around looking for different calendars. He caught up with me and goes, "Man that is one HOT bag!"
    I though it was hilarious that it was a guy who first complimented it, all I got from girls were stares.
  3. Love the "truck" story!
  4. ^^^^

    oh, too funny !!! I waitlisted (late) for this bag, not sure I really want it, after reading about the PVC, glue, etc....but I guess it would get both negative and positive attention!! It's a great part of the limited collection, so don't worry about what all the other haters think......
  5. I also got the look from many people and I assume they never seen this model or they think it is hilarious, so I usually ignore it. But when I went out with my boyfriend he can sense all those "staring" eyes :wondering and he gets excited with people looking at my bag, which is kinda funny~
  6. I was out to lunch with my BF and an entire table of 6 people turned around and where looking & pointing at my bag...um hello don't mind me LOL
  7. Last night when I was packing my gold pochette, my 7 year old said, do you have a silver one, and I said, no, just gold....he looked at me like...DUH...and said mom you should have got it in silver too,
  8. ^
    Haha, don't ever bring him shopping, you'll end up with twice as much stuff. :p Really cute though!
  9. cute stories! makes me wish i had a piece from this collection. mirriors are definetly attention grabbers!
  10. Heeheee, cute stories!

    I had a SA from BeBe ask how much my Miroir Speedy was then grabbed it to see what the material made up of! I don't mind people touching my bag at all, but I had to cringe when she clenched and squeezed the corner.:push: It brings both negative and postive attention!
  11. Great Stories.
  12. Rebecca! I love your stories!
  13. Lol thanks.:heart:
  14. I carried my gold Miroir Lockit for the first time today --- walked into Neiman Marcus (on my way to the LV counter) and a male employee who was stocking some stuff on the shelf just stared and stared at my bag! This bag sure is major bling bling!
  15. haha love the bling bling stories :yes: