Miroir Speedy Question

  1. I just picked mine up today at the LV store. Where is the date stamp? Thanks.
  2. You will find it inside the left side pocket.It can be a little hard to get at due to the placement.
  3. I see it. It says SP1016. Thanks!:smile:
  4. Congrat's.

    What is the retail on this bag? thankyou
  5. 1330
  6. I had 4 people stop and ask me about it today. Although one asked if it was a fake! It's definitely flashy. You have to be prepared for the attention when you wear it.:s
  7. Did they ask you if it was fake? I cant imagine having the "balls" to ask that of someone!!!!! I think after the first celebrity (Besides janet) is seen wearing it, people will know.
  8. Wow i'm amazed at all the people on eBay asking 2500$ I guess when you can afford to pay double for a bag :shrugs: Seems insane.
  9. Someone truly walked up to me and asked if it was fake! I just said "I hope not!" It definitely draws more attention than I am comfortable with, but I feel like it's "now or never" to wear it.
  10. congratulation with your new bag