Miroir Speedy in September Vogue

  1. There's a picture of it on page 619. :yes:
  2. :graucho:
  3. I'd be quite a bit more excited than that girl if I had one of those in my hands. :graucho:
  4. The whole Louis Vuitton season is all over Vouge, there's the Squishy bags and then the Tie up squishy bag with Groom Porte Monnaie, a Mat Shoulder bag, a Leopard bag, and Gold Alma not to mention the clothes...

    they are really liking this season...
  5. YES!!! I LOVE this issue of VOGUE (esp. all of the LVs)!!! I was too lazy to take all the pics though!!!:lol:
  6. I love this vogue!
  7. i know! i was having so much fun just looking at all the ads and pictures... omg and the dress that kirsten dunst wore! :smile:
  8. Sorry if this question is asked, does the magazine say how much the speedy was going to be?
  9. $1150
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