Miroir Speedy 35

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  1. I was lucky to go to the Buzz Aldrin event at the 5th avenue LV store, and they were selling the miroir speedy 35 bags in gold and silver. I was told by a few SAs that these bags were exclusive to the 5th avenue store, and that there are only 75 in gold and 75 in silver. Just wanted to see if anyone knows whether this is in fact true.

  2. As far as I know, the Miroir Speedy 35 was launched last year (one-shot). Lately, they have been making it available again through various events like the Selfridges annivesary last month and now again through the event you described. On the whole, there is certainly more than 75 worldwide since they have been available so many time before. It is only a gimmick. Who knows when this will be relaunched again, just in case you get sucked in because of the "limited quantity".
  3. Lucky 150 people, wow... Keep the miroir alive wahoo :woohoo:
  4. I've seen the Gold Miroir 35 at my local store sitting on the shelf many months after it's launch. I wouldn't say it's that limited.
  5. Thanks--that's what I thought too and was surprised so many SA's said it (as well as a lot of LV types who were in the store that night.)

    That being said, hubby bought me a gold one, and it is a beauty ;)
  6. I hate that LV lies like this to sell stuff. Just like those stinkin Rare LE Heart coin purses. Now they are available all the time :rolleyes: I am so glad I returned mine and saved the $475