miroir second thoughts . . damier azur ?

  1. i dont know about miroir anymore... i thouht i didnt like damier azur, but now that everyone has them, and im seeing all of these pictures from different angles, IM IN LOVE! lol. buti already have pochette miroir reserved.. and my mom realy wants to get it for me as a "surprise? for christmas
    how much is the azur?
    maybe i can get both...
  2. Azur is pretty reasonable same price as reg damier....I have never been 'sure' about mirior....waiting until i see it ;)
  3. You might change your mind when you see everyone posting differnt pics of the mirror! Hold off as you can get the Azur anytime!!
  4. Get both!! :wlae:
  5. or that!! :yes: :yes:
  6. is the azur a permanent line???
  7. Azur is supposed to be a permanent line.
  8. tthanks.. ill definitely wait for azur.