Miroir question.........

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  1. How much did the pochette, speedy and papillon retail for??? I'm looking on Ebay..and want to purchase....but how much is too much to pay on the secondary market??? I want to make a good decision....
  2. pochette is around 525, pap is 1170? sry i don't have the receipt w/me, but it's somewhere around that price. try Saks if they have any pochette, i got both silver and gold w/o put name on wait list, just purchased as walk in on 12/2 and 12/3
  3. I got the gold papillon, it was $1170. It's cute!
  4. Speedy is $1330.00
  5. Thanks Ladies!! Looks like Ebay sellers are selling for double or more....so I think I'll try to get on the waiting list...

    thanks again!!