Miroir Question

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  1. Hi All!

    I got a call on the Miroir Pap in Silver and ordered never seeing it IRL. I don't know if I will keep it but I figured better to have the chance than not. For the dressing impaired (gosh, I need those visual aids!), what would you wear with the miroir collection?

    Many thanks in advance!!
  2. Tee Hee.. I just finally picked up my Silver Pap. Im more of a rocker chick. I wore jeans, simple top and a SILVER headband .. Something simple but silver
    w/ a hint of silver should do the trick. Ill take photos of it manana in the day light :smile: GET IT .. at least put stuff in it then decide. its not that impressive when they pull it out. Hope this helps
  3. ^^ ITA!! Don't try to purposely match things with it, it'll look overdone. I'll be wearing a lot of blacks and whites with my Speedy (silver) when I get it, maybe some grays, jeans will definitely work too.
  4. After seeing pics of the miroir line, I am thinking it would look fantastic with casual clothes...jeans, sweater, high heel boots. I honestly didn't care for the line, but more and more I'm thinking it would be such a great contrast with my casual wardrobe!
  5. ^^ i agree I can totally see it with casual clothes
  6. Jeans work with everything, especially dark blue or a indigo wash with the silver papillon...very sexy!
  7. I think it goes with jeans and basic look
  8. Many thanks!! :yes: Now, I can't wait to wear it!!
  9. I see it more casual so its not so glitzy but.. would love it with white.. def jeans , gray , black.. Its going to be a fun bag to work with ..
  10. I plan on wearing my silver papillon with dark colored jeans and maybe tops with a little silver trim. or black or gray sweaters