Miroir question...which woild you choose?

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  1. Hi all...

    Just wondering if you had a choice between these bags, what would you choose or what do you currently have.

    Gold speedy and silver papillon


    Silver speedy and gold papillon.

    I'd love all your input prior to taking the plunge. Thanks!
  2. Gold speedy ...

    silver speedy
  3. Silver speedy

    Gold pap

    YEah, maybe because those are the ones I have! HEE HEE
  4. tough one:

    I think Gold Speedy, Silver Pap ... but no matter what, both options are :drool: gorgeous
  5. Sorry about the title...which would you choose...thanks!
  6. Gold Speedy!!!
  7. gold speedy & silver papillion!
  8. :yes: , yup, gold pap is TDF, and silver speedy is so chic!
  9. Silver speedy and gold papillon, lol
  10. Silver speedy and gold papillon :yes:
  11. Oh, if I have to pick one from Pap, def. Gold

    How about Gold and Silver Speedy and Gold Pap??
  12. Silver Speedy and Gold Papillon. Or all if you can get them. LOL.
  13. I really like the look of the gold papillon. As for the speedy, whichever you prefer or if you want variety, then the silver.
  14. yup--silver speedy and gold pap
  15. not too sure which to pick for the speedy, but i'm definitely voting for the gold pap!