Miroir purchasing Questions, Please help..

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  1. Hi fellow purselovers,

    I have a dilemma. Someone wants to sell me a Vuitton Miroir Speedy in person.I am going to meet up with them to have a look at it. I have never seen one IRL and thus do not know what to look for in a real Miroir. Please educate me on what I should be looking out for before i purchase it.
    Thank you...
  2. Try doing a search on mirior's. There have been a few threads on them.
  3. It's really easy to tell a fake, the shine will be duller. But I always say be careful when "meeting" someone to buy a bag, especially one as rare and valuable as this!
  4. Yeah you know what...also take someone with you when you go, just to be safe.
    But as for the bag, it will be really obvious if it's fake, it will look more like a Mono Mat bag instead of the shiny Miroir.
  5. ^IA... with Rebecca. It will not look shiny and the logos will probably look cut into the PVC vinyl. Please be careful and take others advice. Bring someone with you.
  6. Thanks everyone. I have been researching on the miroirs for months, so i pretty much seen enough photos of it. I am afraid there might be something i miss out on. LVbabydoll, you have a couple yourself, what can u tell me about them. Im looking at a gold one.
  7. for the miroirs, it's easy to tell the real from fake.. the fakes look like mat!​
  8. Well, there really isn't anything that will fool you. You'll know a true Miroir when you see it because the fakes look nothing like the real ones. Here's a comparison, I hope it helps:
  9. will it be possible to meet in LV boutique/store so you can have them verified there? Just go in w/seller and ask the SA to authenticate it, but i wouldn't mention WHY though.
  10. Thanks for the pic lvbabydoll.
    Classic Chic: The seller won't meet in the city, so I cant go to LV with him. Good idea tho, thanks
  11. You're welcome!
  12. OMG, that fake really is like a Mono Mat but just "gold"...I guess it's more like fool's gold than anything else :lol: (I know, that was corny! Forgive me! :shame:smile:
  13. i really like that idea. it would make me VERY comfortable!