Miroir Pouchette

  1. How much can you actually put in it without ruining the shape?
  2. A decent amount..for a wallet I'd suggest either going without and putting your cash/cards in the side pocket, or using a billfold since they're thin. Besides that, I also fit in my pens, lip glosses, keys (in the 4 key holder) and/or my cerises porte monnaie round and it fits well, no weird bulkiness. :yes:
  3. But does the shape bounce back or does the leather crease? which is what I am afraid of ...
  4. Here you go :smile:

  5. It bounces right back.
  6. Yup..it always goes right back into shape :yes:
  7. Here's I can fit into mine without altering the shape very much (just makes it thicker)

    -mono cles with keys inside
    -mono CC holder
    -cash in patch pocket

    or...the party I went to on Sunday, I had these inside and the pochette looked great:
    -mono cles with keys and cards inside
    -stain remover pen
    -lip balm
    -lip gloss
  8. Karman, you are so cute, with a stain remover pen. I have not tried this before. Does it work? You have almost talked me into trying one out. Is it handy? And just wondering how good it is. I know I admit, if I'm wearing white, I will stain it with something lol.
  9. Yes, it definitely WORKS!
    I think it's an AMAZING product...I rarely go anywhere without one!
    I've removed strawberry stains from cream pants (that saved the day!!), spaghetti sauce on white skirt, red wine on boyfriend's pants, pencil mark on my tank top, and even a random food stain from my 100% silk slip dress. That stuff is amazing! The only two things that it won't really work that well on are grease and ink stains.
  10. ^^ That's the Tide pen, right?
  11. Yuppers!
  12. Ok good, thanks! I got one the other day and I did notice that it took stains out really quickly! I love it lol. :heart:
  13. Thanks guys I feel so much better actually using it now!!
  14. I guess I'm the only one who doesn't put anything inside really. Just cash, ID and my cell.
  15. Do you guys use it as a daytime bag or strictly party bag?