Miroir Pochettes... High Maintenance??

  1. I just received my Miroir Pochette last weekend.. I'm just wondering if it gets scratched easily and is it hard to take care of? Because I'm afraid of scratching it... Because if it's a high maintenance handbag.. I might as well let go of it.. :crybaby:
  2. I don't think Miroir is that high maintance but it isn't like Damier where you can throw it around. But it is similar to Epi in terms of maintance if you ask me - the likelihood of wrinkles, scratches, etc.
  3. Yeah just be careful of sharp things around the Miroir and you'll be fine. Also, when you store them, remove the strap and store it in the bag so it doesn't dent the back. Otherwise, they're really easy to care for.
  4. I think these are so cute and was chatting with my SA about them and he said that they are having issues with the pouchettes scratching. They aren't having as many issues with the bags as the logo is embossed in them.
    I think the piece you bought is beautiful. You should keep it. Use it when you go out etc...
  5. If you get slight scratches on it, all you have to do is buff them with a soft, smooth cotton cloth.
  6. Thanks for your advices! They are really helpful. :biggrin: I usually put the strap of my Miroir inside the Miroir Pochette so that it wont' touch the back nor the front of my pochette.. I think that's the best way of storing it. Thanks a lot guys! :biggrin:
  7. hi rica! i love your miroir! so lucky that you still found one.
  8. I think miroir pochette is HOT :heart:
  9. Thanks makeupmama! :biggrin:
  10. ^^ is it still available in stores?? I want one so bad!!