Miroir Pochette

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  1. Now I have decided I like the pochettes best. If I have any chance to get them, I would get a silver & a gold one. Does anyone know the exact dimensions? I am gonna stop by the mall this week and try to see them in real life.

  2. Wow that is a GOOD picture of the Silver pochette!! :nuts:
    I know it's on the price list, but that one is smaller...this one is larger and clearer! Thanks for posting it!
    As for dimensions...I'm not sure, but definitely bigger than the regular pochette's 5" x 8"? As for width, I wonder if it even qualifies for 0.5"...ha...
  3. DAYAM....the silver is HOT!! :drool: Oh Santa, I've been SO good this year, hee hee...
  4. That's a real cute going out bag!
  5. and where did we get this picture? lol
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. I don't know which one I like best..Gold or silver..Bah..I will have to go to the store this week.

    according to this sheet elux will carry this line, so far I assume this line super limited..


  8. Love the silver because it's such a versatile colour!
    I wore a yellow dress for high school grad (prom) and had ALL silver accessories...

    Taking a closer look at the pic stefania posted, it looks slightly different than the one on the price list...this big one seems to be a little bit higher than the one on the price list...where did you find this pic? :nuts:
  9. Bagsnbags Eluxury will not be getting this line, 866 also told me the same thing.
  10. found the pix on google. I think it was from lv @ short hills mall. Now, can the lucky owners post some real pix please? And how about a pic with stuff inside you might carry so we can see how it looks full? I may actually be getting one tomorrow! Cross your fingers for me.
  11. Wait a minute--ELUXURY is going to carry these?!?! Are they not that exclusive or something???:wtf:
  12. Wow I love the silver too.. just wonder how the gold would look attached to a Mono alma though? I guess if I can get either one I would be happy.. going to check theim out Saturday at Boca.. Loving the speedy too .. wish there were under 1k.........
  13. good pic of the pochette...

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  14. Thanks for that beautiful picture :love:
  15. That pic makes me want to buy it!