Miroir Pochette:Where is the date code?

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  1. I'm looking for one on ebay. I asked the seller for a Pic and he told me that there isn't a date code on the Miroir Pochette :confused1: Is this true? If not, where is the code?

    Thanks in advance:flowers:
  2. I went through some auctions and a seller mentioned it's inside the patch pocket.:yes: Anyone with the Miroir Pochette please confirm this.:biggrin:

    date code of: CA1006 I did not take a picture of the date code as its in the interior patch pocket and I didnt want to have to bend the bag in anyway.
  3. Yeah, I would assume it's in side the patch pocket, to one side. I remember a TPF member saying she didn't want to check it because doing so would require you to bend the bag.
  4. It is on a leather tab in the inside seam of the pocket. It is very easy to see without bending the bag.
  5. Ditto! It doesn't require bending to see the code. Just push the tab back! :yes:
  6. i hope its not a fake!!! good luck in getting it!
  7. Stores still have these apparently! Caesars in Vegas still had a silver. :yes:
  8. Thank you all. I will tell him this and now he must tell me the number, so that i can be sure it's not a Fake. I live in Germany and they told me it's IMPOSSIBLE to get a Miroir Pochette :sad: