Miroir pochette pics

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  1. hi girls,
    i found these pics of miroir pochette in magazine. what do you guys think? i don't think i like it. it's kind of flat and i think it will look weird when stuffed. sorry for bad pics.

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  2. WOW! I thought it was going to be as small as the Epi Pochette, but it's bigger but, still very thin. I love it! I need to get one of these, too. Grr!
  3. It does look really flat...but that was the case for some other pics I've seen before and I still want it! I guess I really have to see it IRL first, and maybe try putting some stuff in there to see if it can even fit my cellphone...:sweatdrop:

    What magazine is this pic from?
  4. Wow, thank you so much for these pics!
  5. This is the first time I must say that I want a pochette!
  6. I really like it, but i missed it to put me on a Waitinglist, since I first don't like it. So i don't think i will get one :sad:
  7. ^Try to get on the list now. You never know you may be able to get one! : )
  8. Oh my gosh! I thought she was holding an envelope!? That is VERY flat!!:confused1: I don't think I like it either, but will have to wait to see the line in stores before I pass my official judgement.
  9. What magazine is this?

    man its SO thin!
  10. Thank you:flowers: . I went today to my store and I didin't ask because i thought it is senseless. I will call tomorrow:yes:
  11. I want it...I wish tomorrow was the 1st.
  12. Hehe. Same here. You'd think that all the little goodies here and there will tide us over until the 1st but, it doesn't really! LOL.

    I seriously, need to think which bags I want because that Pochette is HOT!
  13. I'm glad my cell phone is thick (a treo) so I can't want it, lol!
  14. never liked this line *shrugs*
  15. Lol. I already know I want the Speedy in silver for sure, but if I can't get both pochettes because they're limited or whatever, I want the the gold.
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