Miroir Pochette - Large gashes on bag due to handles?

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  1. I was considering getting a Miroir Pochette Acc. in Gold today but as it turns out, every place I've called told me that they have it but they're SCRATCHED!

    Turns out, the handles are too sharp and when it rests upon the bag, it brushes back and forth causing a huge GASH.

    I was mortified when they showed it to me in the store and said "well, you can still buy it, but even if you get a new one, it'll happen anyway".

    I was like "Hell No". If I'm going to pay for it, I would rather get a fresh, new one and not a damaged Pochette.

    Oh well, I guess I'll just have to keep looking....:p

    When I talked to the guy at the Paramus, NJ Vuitton store, he was a real #@$% by telling me it "didn't matter" if I got it fresh, and that it really "was asking alot" to look in the back to see if they had an un-damaged one.

    To all those that bought it:

    Make sure to keep the bag's handles separate or put something around it so it doesn't scratch the bag! :idea:
  2. Omg! That's terrible! Yes miroir pochette owners watch out, that sucks! I hope you find a new one that you can take good care of so that it does not get all cut up :sad:
  3. Some people can be really rude... as if it were going to take money out of his pocket to go to the back and get you a new bag? :s
  4. Good to know! :wtf:
  5. Yeah, I was warned by the SA who took my order over the phone in Toronto of this.

    Mine came to me in perfect condition, strap unhooked on one end and tucked into the pochette. Included in my box was a card from the SA instructing me to always store the pochette like this, because the strap will mark the pochette very easily.

    I followed her instructions and keep my pochette like this whenever it's not being used. Unfortunately, the strap is not detachable.

    I'm glad she warned me ahead of time, and that the SAs in Toronto were aware of this! I'm sure if they didn't know, and sent the pochette to me with the pochette resting on the strap (or vice versa) during shipment, it would've been VERY badly scratched
  6. Thanks for the info! My bag is ok (I did notice that the strap wasn't as soft as those on the other pochettes I have) but I'll be sure to be careful with it in the future :yes:
  7. Good to know I'm geting the gold tomorrow
  8. I told him on the phone that it shouldn't trouble him to go check, since I'm interested and it's his JOB :p
  9. wow, i want to see pics of the gash lol.
  10. Uhmmmm, i had the same panick attack too yesterday because of the handle scratch:yes: But i could erase it by gently wiping my pochette with the dust cover material:yahoo: soo.. may be if other user have the same problem, this suggestion might be work:smile:
  11. So wait? Was it just the strap rubbing off on the bag? Because when I saw it in the store, it looked like it cut the bag and left a huge series of gashes :confused1:
  12. me too.
  13. When I got my pochette, I had what I *thought* were scratches on it, and it turned out to be glue, which I managed to get off.

    Pochette now perfect!

  14. LV is really ignoring quality these days
  15. Did you by any chance get the SA in Paramus' name? You can PM me it if you don't want to post it. I have a feeling I know which SA it is, and I can give you the name of the NICE SA I use if you need to call that store again. (There's very few men that work in that store.)