Miroir Pochette...Easy to get or Impossible to Get?

I LOOOVE my combo .. SIlver speedy and gold pochette .. would have loved to have the gold speedy, but only 1 came to Denmark and I knew I was way too late for that one :smile:
Super easy. It's very ubiquitous across all boutiques. The SA at the SoHo store stated that it would always be easy to get one since they were massed produced, not like the Alma or Speedy or Keepall's.
yup, the silver pochettes are more available! I think I might just call tomorow, and hopefully I will join the mirroir club! Anyways, what is the price of the pochette in the US!?
silver pochette. people didnt really like gold in the beginning, but when they saw the lv bags, they fell in love with the gold, but originally, there were less. so now they are super coveted!!!
Thanks all...yes, the price is high and I don't know why. I've declined the sweet little pochette. I'm not going to get it at this time as it wouldn't do much besides attract a bit of attention to myself which is not something i want. i'm a tad overweight and I'm going to attempt to take that part of my life and control it. I'll wait and hopefully get something down the road that fits my body type!