Miroir Patent leather?

  1. Ok one last Miroir question. My SA told me it is patent leather. However, the tags say its PVC. Which is it? :confused1:
  2. Definitely not patent leather, it's PVC.
  3. PVC for sure. The SA told me the letters on the LVOE2 totes was patent as well....they're PVC.
  4. My SA told me PVC too...she said, "It's PVC so not much maintenance."
  5. hmm. easy to interchange the two i suppose...
    oh well, i don't love it any less :heart:
  6. It's PVC. I don't see how someone could get patent leather and PVC confused. PVC is 100% synthetic, whereas patent leather is leather that's been coated to make it shiny.
  7. wow - with the amount of product training SA's are given I am amazed that one could get it so wrong - as everyone else says.......its PVC.

    Maybe the manager should be notified so the SA doesn't give out any more inaccurate information and can be re-trained.

    I run retail stores and if any of my staff were giving out incorrect info, I would want to know so I could re-train them.

  8. she was obviously trying to make a sale lol...
  9. PVC is definitely not leather!
    I have a amarante vernis leather wallet and the tags state-patent leather.
    PVC is what most (not meant to offend) 'cheaper bags' from Target, Walmart , Kmart are made of. But now the new designer bags are using them, Go figure?
  10. It's definitely PVC
  11. $1650 for a show bag- it has to be PVC. It would probably run in the $3000 range if it was patent leather.
  12. Yup, good ole PVC, but I agree Ichelle I don't love mine any less!