Miroir Papillons??

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  1. Are they still around ANYWERE?:confused1:
    I'm too nervous to buy off eBay
    Karen Kooper has one
    I just wondered if anyone knew of any Lv store that had any.
    I'm so desperate to get one!:crybaby:
    So any information would be appriciated thanks!:smile:
  2. I called 866 # for you, and there aren't anymore according to the SA. I can assure you that eBay is safe for the miroir line. Its almost impossible to replicate it. If you still are having doubts post it in the "authenticate this" LV thread.
  3. Thank you very much! :flowers:
    I will have a quick look on eBay now
  4. :drool: Wow! thank you again :p i think i'm going to go with that one! :yahoo: Thanks for all your help!