Miroir Papillon

  1. If anyone is still looking for one, there was one gold one at the LV boutique inside Saks in Beverly Hills... I wasn't a fan, however, it is beautiful IRL...
  2. thanks :biggrin:
  3. Yes there is! I just saw it today. ;) So pretty, but not my style.
  4. thanks! I'm sending my boyfriend there tomorrow to stake it out...
  5. Wow, I can't believe there's one available. Somebody get it!!! I would if I didn't have one already. Good luck...
  6. Somebody get it quick...NOW!
  7. Thanks for info! I hope someone on here gets it!
  8. Hopefully ME! lol
  9. lol. well emily k i hope you get it
  10. that's the cute one in the miroir collection!!!
  11. :heart:
  12. Thanks!
  13. AND IT'S GONE!!! A fellow TPF member just PM'd me that she has purchased it!!! Glad I can be of service...
  14. I'm about to cry : (
    I just called and it was sold.
  15. Who is the lucky one? :nuts: