miroir papillon: gold or silver


Silver or Gold Papillon

  1. Silver!

  2. Gold!

  3. Don't really care for either!

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  1. Currently I'm on the waitlist for the miroir papillon in the gold. How about you guys? Which one do you think is better, silver or gold and why???
  2. SILVER SILVER!!! :yes::yes::yes:

    i'm thinking of getting one too :nuts:. do you know how much it is? is it the size of the 30 or 26, or a different size altogether?
  3. I'm a gold girl. If you wear more gold, go for gold. If you wear a lot of silver, get that one.
  4. The manager said it's the size of the 19 and will be around 1200 I think or maybe more...=(
  5. I prefer silver:smile: (I am on a list for a silver speedy).
  6. Silver, period. All my jewelry is silver/white gold/platinum. Gold is gorgeous but does not work with my skin tone.
  7. That actually makes a lot of sense!!!

    I'm a "warm" toned girl so maybe I should get gold. LOL.
    But all my jewelry is white toned! Uh oh...
  8. I am on the waitlist for the gold:heart:
  9. really? :wtf:

    damn. i was hoping it would be at least the 26 :crybaby:. what the hell can the 19 hold :shrugs:?
  10. If you wear a lot of silver, getting a silver one will help work into your current jewelry, but if you really wanna switch it up get gold. I know I'll be getting gold because I look good in gold and most of my jewelry is gold.

  11. :roflmfao: Some tissue and a stick of gum.
  12. and a teeny tiny tampon maybe :lol:
  13. I prefer the silver, but the gold is lovely as well !
  14. For this style I am getting the gold. The pochette I am getting silver. And for the Speedy I'm getting both.
  15. Get the silver!~