Miroir owners were you told?

  1. I'm curious original miroir owners were you told about the possible problems on the miroirs?

    I know the care book says avoid abrasive surfaces and most SA's said it's not an everyday bag but were you actually told any steps to avoid problems or what problems may effect you bag
  2. Nope i wasnt told anything at all.
    So when i did mention what happend to your miroir speedy to my SA who sold it to me he said that was normal and i was like :wtf: you couldnt have told me this before?!?
    I think if i had been told of possible problems like that with the miroir bags i don't think i would have even considered buying my lockit .
  3. I have not had any issues with my gold Pap, or silver Speedy so far. I do not carry them everyday...in fact I carry them in the evening mostly. I was not any specail care instructions other than from Selena...not to carry it everyday.
  4. My Sl didn't say anything at all.... I just store her in her dust bag.. Should i have been told about a different way to care for this bag? i have only taken her out twice.. What would affect it?:confused1: thanks for posting.
  5. My speedy is bubbling I've posted a thread about it before (http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/argh-something-weird-happening-to-my-miroir-198010.html & http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/the-jurys-in-gold-miroir-speedy-201205.html) I've been careful with it and not used it every day but my SA said it's normal for something like this to happen on the miroirs as it's a manmade material I'm writting a letter to LV and thought I'd mentioned it in there that if it was a known problem I should have been told at the time of purchase then wondered hey maybe everyone was told and they just forgot to tell me that's why I asked
  6. I rarely use my silver pap....just as an evening bag not everday bag.
  7. Nope, no special instructions. In fact the only LV purse that I've ever been warned about was my Mahina XL in gris. They wanted me to get the black becuase they had it in stock and warned me of dirt & color transfer on the gris.
    But the miroirs came with no warning from the SAs. I'll make sure to only bring mine out on special occasions.
  8. the original original miroirs from fw06? my SA showed me some bumps and dents near the zipper area of a miroir pap that SHE thought was a problem, but to ME, ***I*** couldn't even notice the minor dents so ***I*** thought it was NOT a problem.... Just goes to show how diff people can view the same thing from diff perspectives. THUS, KNOWING that there are these "defects" and some complaints from PFers here about their miroir bags, I STILL decided to get the not-so-original-yet-original Miroir Lockit LOL

  9. :yes: I'm guessing the lockit owners have a higher chance of being told as the stores may have recceived complaints off the previous season,
  10. wow, i just read your thread and looked at the pics. that's terrible!
    Pics were pretty clear. I just took at look at mine since i have not used it in at least 3 months and she looks fine (i even moved her).. Good luck with your letter, I will see my SL this week and i will see what she says. They should alert the consumer about a possible potential problem on a bag like this. again thanks..
  11. well i was told and shown the dents on the original original miroir pap right when they came out which was 1/2 year before my purchase...:shrugs:
  12. My SA didn't tell me anything about caring for my lockit. I use it often during the day and at night, and haven't had any problems with it. I don't baby it, but store it in its dust bag after I've used it. No bubbles so far!

    I'm sorry that you're having problems with it! :sad: I really hope they fix it for you!
  13. It could be they just didn't know at the time, since PVC is not something that LV traditionally used in making bags. But I'm betting the complaints are starting to come in and since mostly VIP customers bought these bags, LV should be taking those complaints seriously.
  14. Sorry to hear about your bag , I use my speedy on several occasions and had no issues ....
  15. I also haven't been told anything at all except 'you're so lucky to get a hold of one'. :shame:

    I've been using my silver Lockit for 3 weeks and I haven't got any problem at all, but I take a good care of my bag though.
    Fingers crossed!! :push: