Miroir owners, how durable are miroir bags?

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  1. So, for those of you who has miroir bags, do share with us how good do they hold up. Any cons about this line? Is it prone to color transfer, scratches, etc? What do you not like about them?

    Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. Colour transfer...uh-oh...never thought of that!
  3. I don't own any miroir items, just throwing out thoughts, not sure if color transfer would happen to miroir bags... Would it? :shrugs:

    Btw, you are still waiting for your silver pochette right? Congrats..! :yahoo:
  4. Yeah, I'm wondering if colour WILL transfer...hmmm.

    I would like to know opinions on how this material can last in cold winters :yes:

    And yes, I'm waiting for my pochette to arrive! I hope I receive the call today, and I'll go downtown right away!!!
  5. I guess it's still to early to tell
  6. I think I'll handle mine as carefully as I would handle Vernis...just to be safe.
  7. The booklet that came with it does state that transfer can happen.
  8. Thanks. What else does it state? :P
  9. The SA I bought my silver speed
    y and gold pochette from told me, they are prone to scratches ( I guess all soft material are in a way) but it willbe visible since it such a SHINY smooth surface.

    It is also going to get a few wrinkles, the natural progression of vinyl being used ..
  10. The monogram miroir booklet says:
    -Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces (duh!)
    -To avoid fading, protect your product from humidity and avoid exposure to sunlight or to any direct heat source
    -When not using your product, store it in the felt pouch provided

    Care instructions for mirror vinyl:
    Like all components made of vinyl, mirror vinyl reacts to strong changes in temperature, to scratches and abrasions. If scratched, it can not be restored. In case of superficial stains, clean it with a soft and humid sponge. We recommend that you avoid prolonged contact with any material whose dyes could migrate to the vinyl (magazines, newspaper...).

    I've been using my gold speedy every single day for the past week and it hasn't scratched yet. Since the speedy has the monogram on it, any scratches on it would be less noticeable than on the pochette, since those are so smooth. I also used my speedy in extreme cold temperatures. I was visiting New York and Philadelphia this week and it got down to 28 degrees F, on two nights. I think the bag is well-made and seems very durable.
  11. Thanks for the info! You guys are great! :flowers:

    Like Karman said, I guess, you should really treat your bags as carefully as you treat vernis bags. :yes:
  12. Wow, it really does sound much more fragile than vernis!!
  13. Yah, it's not very durable.
  14. I toseed my pap around for the last few days and I can't see any scratches!?! I have said it a MILLION times though. I throw my bags around and don't worry about them and they always stay looking new. It's those who freak out at every little that that always seem to have somthing happen to the bag? Just my opinion!

  15. uh-O I have a place in north natomas aswell as the bay....are we the only two in the area who are going to have gold speedies!! muahah! I guess if i see another women with a gold speedy around arden mall, ill have to run and ask her 'are you on the tpf" LOL