Miroir News+ Berkeley is Coming Soon; Damier Neverfull Isn't

  1. According to my SA, they have the Berkeley in both colors IN STOCK and with a release date of January 1st. So good news to all of you who've been waiting for the Berkeley since last March :yahoo:

    As for the Damier Neverfull, it's not in the system and even the manager doesn't have a release date, so I wouldn't hold my breath on this one.

    The Miroir cosmetics case will be unlike any model LV currently has, as my SA described it as a shorter, wider version of the poche toilette with a plaque near the zipper. And because of the popularity of last year's hearts, LV may be limiting each buyer to one heart and one case, so be sure to have your preferences ready if need be. The hearts and cosmetic cases are set for release on January 11th at $350 for Hawaii and a reported $375 for the mainland.

    She further confirmed a price increase of 5% set for December 26th
  2. uggh, what is taking them so long on the damier neverfull? thanks for the update!
  3. Thanks for the info! As much as I'm trying to convince myself I don't want any hearts or makeup bags, I think I may *need* something.
    Ugh though, another price increase...good thing there isn't anything uber pricey I'm lusting after ATM. :rolleyes:
  4. Do you know how much the Berkley is going to be - I've been on the waitlist for this bag forever!
  5. Got to buy my stuff before the price increase!!!:sweatdrop:
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I want a heart.
  7. Ugh- I totally forgot to ask! :push: Maybe 866 would know? If not, I'm sure you're local boutique would have that info.
  8. how big is the Berkley. Is it bigger than a speedy 30...
  9. Ugh, for some reason now I think I need the cosmetic case. Better put myself on the list for that one and not the heart.

    Thanks for the update!
  10. Thanks for the 411. Didn't know they were doing a price increase, talk about BAAAAD timing.
  11. Maybe they're just adjusting prices again? Is this for US only or for everywhere?
  12. thanks for the update! now that I've saved up some $$ why do they have to do the price hike now!! yikes....I need to decided if I need a mirror item fast...I don't wanna miss out on this!
  13. Thanks for sharing the news.

    I feel really sick for the price increasing!! :yucky:
  14. what? only one heart per person. I wanted all four of them in pomme, amarante, gold & silver miroir. What do you think I should do? Ask the SA for a favor. Both of my SAs are new (one from the boutique & one from Saks).
  15. Thanks alot for the Info!
    I wish the Berkeleys had come in alot earlier since now i'm going on a ban..But does anyone know how long they will be out for? If it's out for awhile i will try and save it's so pretty i have to buy it!