Miroir Monogram - Speedy and Papilion - Gold Or Silver?

  1. Hi Ladies ..:heart:

    i just got off the Phone with my LV SA and was informed that Lv miroir monogram will be released early-mid Spet. in my local boutique and thought of consulting u ladies since im on the waiting list for both papilion and speedy (i'll end up getting one, depending on them IRL ), which color would u recommend ( and which one are u getting btw) ? im really torn between them both and cant decide yet, as some have said earlier the gold may be more flashier, on the other hand im afraid i'll get bored with the silver ??:shrugs: what are the pro's and con's of silver/gold?

    PS: i was told also that the groom collection will follow the miroir within 1-2 weeks ..

  2. Wow my SA said that they weren't going to be released here until Dec. I am on the waitlist for the gold pap but have to see it IRL first:yes:
  3. Those are the papilons in Both colors:heart:
    silver papilion.jpg gold papilon.jpg
  4. Shalo .. i know i was surprised too , i'll try to re check with my other SA, Cuz sometimes they specifcy the 1st shipment for VIP's and ppl whom are on the waiting list
  5. Speedies .. silver and probably Gold? plz correct me if im mistaken, i copied the pic from a Pf member :flowers:
    00090m.jpg speedy.jpg
  6. Although I'm not a big fan of this mirroir line I'd go for the silver one (either Speedy or Papillon). Gold is very hot right now, but I think silver looks classier.
  7. I totally agree. The gold one looks a little to tackey and wouldn't be as versatile. Silver would go with everything. The gold one looks a little fakey. As for speedy or papillon (i just love saying that) I would go with speedy, but I'm a speedy freak. But it's totally up to you and I won't judge your decision in the slightest.:tender:
  8. If I were u girls I would play it safe and get....BOTH Speedies in Silver and Gold. Opportunities only comes once......And if I was Marc Jacobs, I would produce much lesser quantities of Gold, to create a shortage in the market so everyone scrambles for the gold too....muahahahhaa! lol
  9. I lean toward silver. I am on the list too. I am just worried I won't like them IRL since they are plastic. I wonder what they are lined with?
  10. I'm on the list for the silver speedy. It will fit in much better with my wardrobe than the gold would.

  11. Yes silver = class yet the Gold is calling my name too :crybaby:

    thank u huney, sweet reply of urs, as for the shape im almost decided of getting the speedy BUT torn between which color .. im a speedy freak too, i guess most Pf ladies are :graucho:

    ur baad member, LOOOOL i had that idea in mind, got rid of it weeks ago now u brought back:rant: ... two metallic speedies? God ...

    Ahh u know, im like 50% silver 60% gold and then 50% gold 60% silver .. both look cuute and almost have equal chances ...

    Plastic?:wtf: realllllllly? what if i was near by a fire? my speedy would BOMB?

    :crybaby: for me both would ..

    Thaaaank u ladies .. more opinions appreciated as well :heart:
  12. Same thing here my NYC store SA told me December 1st and late October for the Groom Line, He also showed me the schedule book with the date on it.

  13. :wtf: :wtf: i just got off the Phone, re checked AGAIN with another SA - weird one LOOL - she assured me its Sept. and maximum Oct. :shrugs: ?

    Release Dates dont vary ?? they're internationaly fixed? ....

    KSA's boutique * as i was told by my friend* is releasing their goodies within 2-3 weeks :wtf: ?

  14. btw miroir speedy is 1150$?
  15. I agree! I think Silver will go with more colours than the gold plus I think the gold is really flashy!