Miroir Monogram Line

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    I just wanted to share new info about the much talked about Miroir Monogram line, it is due to launch in November. I for one, can't wait. :biggrin:
  2. Me too!!! How much will it cost?
  3. Damn thats a LONG time away :cry: I'm definitely getting one though! Hopefully its as lovely in person as in this pic!
  4. Aww.. 7 months, that's a long time to wait !
  5. Michelle I LOVE U ... finalllllly some1 here is sharing me my Obsession with this Bag :biggrin:

    price range? shapes? limited? permenant line?
  6. Woah. That seems like forever!
    I was under the impression it was sooner than that.... like a few months.
  7. I can't wait either!!!
  8. I must have the Mirror Keepall! They look awesome!
  9. :lol:

    Can you imagine how horrible the fakes will be of this bag? :amuse:
  10. I don't know the prices but it will be limited edition. From runway pics so far, I've seen it in the Alma Voyage, Speedy and Papillon.
  11. I love it and am glad it will make it to the stores!

    $ is another thing but I will deal with that later. Time to start saving lots of $$$.
  12. Just in time for christmas ;)
  13. ^^ LOL! True, true!
  14. Add the Keepall to your list. Here's the pic.

  15. i would love a papillon or speedy! so nice! probably would cost me an arm and a leg though!! time to start saving!!!