miroir monogram a coming out new colours ?

  1. louis vuitton comin out new colors for miroir mongram ? i saw red keepall in the pic...

    btw the pic is taken frm bryanboy.com...he has a gold speedy.....:yes:
    062606_lv.jpg 062606_lvclutch.jpg 120606_lv.jpg
  2. These were old pics from before Miroir launched.
  3. personally i think it'd be hot if they came out with just cute miroir accessories in colors, although it's so hard to produce that smaller items would probably be close to impossible.
  4. I remember reading a post about miroir heart coin purse for vday next yr
    wouldn't it be gorgeous if they produce miroir heart in red?
  5. I would love a pink speedy.
  6. OOHHH I love the red keepall!
  7. Isn't the 2nd picture that really expensive clutch?
  8. those are old pics prototypes for the show but didn't go intop production
    the middle pic is a gold clutch in yellow & white gold
  9. wow, I wish they did it in other colors. But then again, the gold and silver wouldn't be as rare in my mind.
  10. I would be all over a pink speedy.
  11. is this news for real?
  12. ^ Don't think so.