Miroir! Miroir on the wall! The shine club!

  1. Hi! We are running a fun little TPF community giveaway to win a new Polene bag! Head over to this thread to enter. Good luck!
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  1. All ready for the on slaught! Today the release day! 12-1-06. Show us your miroirs!
  2. LOL Twinkle.tink thanks for making this thread...can't wait to see everyone's beautiful pics!!
  3. yes, yes, so wanna see everybody's mirrors ~~~
  4. i hope i get one.
  5. Can't wait to see modelling pics! :wlae:
  6. Now I just have to decide if I'll keep it or not.While I think its a hot bag I'm just not sure its me :confused1: .

  7. wow can you model it for us???
  8. wow, stunning bag cat! looks so nice on red :smile:
  9. I'm charging my battery at the moment,I'll try to get some tomorrow.
  10. Cat I love the bag for evening..it is a WOW here I am bag for sure...not for the timid but, lovely...it makes mono canvas look subtle...it is lovely
  11. My new gold papillon. My silver speedy is on the mail :heart: :yes:
    SD530006.JPG SD530007.JPG SD530008.JPG SD530009.JPG SD530010.JPG
  12. congrats!!! what is the size a 26 or 30??? and what is the interior like? does it fit on your shoulder????
  13. size 26. It fits me fine on my shoulder :smile:
  14. it is cute for a dressy evening occassion all dressed up...it is the perfect time of year for such a bag....bright and cheery
  15. Model it ladies...show it off