Miroir, Miroir on the wall... lets see how versatile you really are! *PICS*

  1. (i apologize in advance for my lame attempt at a rhyme in the title :shame:smile:

    I came back from a too-long week of school and have finally been able to play with my miroirs! i also found two unexpected surprises in the guest room (it's frustrating that some stores dont call you to tell you that they shipped the purse you waitlisted for :cursing:) but those surprises are already dealt with :nuts:

    the silver I got through a waislist at the local boutique and the gold I had to call around and look for (that story has been spread around the LV subforum and then some so I'll spare you guys!). I am in absolute :heart:!! I really cant express how gorgeous the miroir line really is in person but wow! I've never been so excited to actually use a purse! :yahoo:

    oops, got carried away there. pics coming in the next few posts!
  2. jenny you got 2??!?!?! wowoww hehe. congrats!!! :smile:
  3. Congrats!!
  4. ta-da! i love how the bags can work both casually and more formally!

    silver lockit... :love:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and gold lockit... :love:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I already have events for the uses of the miroir in the given pics :nuts: and i cant wait!!!!!
  5. Caley - I did!!! I fell in love with the gold after seeing everyone's pics of their's so I didnt want to miss out on it! thanks tons! Ahhh I'm so excited!!

    Rebecca - thanks!!
  6. you look absolutely fantastic!!
    don't you just love miroir lockit? I took mine out twice and got tons of compliments and stares
    love all of your pics...you wear them well! congrats:tup:
  7. Gorgeous! I am surprised but I am actually starting to prefer the gold!
  8. You look beautiful with your new bags! I love both of them!
  9. Gorgeous pics Jenny! I love all your outfits! :yahoo:
  10. bacchusgirl - aww thanks!! yea, i really do love it! i love it more than i expected to and i cant wait to take one out tomorrow! haha, did you get stalked too when you took your's out?!

    jellybebe - thank you! yea, the gold really grows on you, it did on me!

    bagologist - thanks tons!!

    Lulu - first off, thanks! and secondly, where have you been!? whats been in the purchases dept. for you!?
  11. Jenny, I've been here...but I find myself reading more than actually posting. And other than some small accessories (amarante cles & inclusion bracelet), my purchasing department has been non-existent! :roflmfao: I've been busy keeping my aunt & 3 cousins entertained (and making sure those kids don't annoy my dog to death). Teddy is always pooped at the end of the day because of all the chasing they do to each other :sweatdrop:
  12. Whoa!!! Nice!
  13. Wow! Wow! Wow!!!:nuts::nuts:

    Jen - those bags look amazing on you. The last pic of the 4 is my favorite. The gold Lockit with that green and yellow dress is TDF!

    You're going to be the hit of those events you wear them to!!
  14. jenny - i swear i have to live vicariously through you. congrats on both! you look amazing with them!!!! :smile:
  15. :nuts: WOOHOOO!!!! Congrats! Both (oops three of you) look STUNNING!!!:tup: