MIROIR MIROIR ON THE WALL (i mean arm) is the Alma the heaviest of them all??!

  1. Hi girls, i have a chance to get the silver Miroir Alma...please tell me, is it heavy? i know its huge, but huge + heavy would equal much discomfort LOL
    love the bag, but don't want to need a chiropractor for injured forearm :sweatdrop:
  2. No, its not too heavy.
  3. miroir is not heavy since it's pvc try a tobago keepall now that's heave...
  4. Ursula is heavy- PVC is not.
  5. ^^^and fersen too...
  6. Yeah this bag is pretty light. IMO the MC Speedies are heavier.
  7. i think it's not heavy because it's plastic and it does not have heavy hardware like the multicolore line :smile:
  8. oh thank you everyone! very helpful :flowers:
  9. Yup...its light.

    Congrats on the chance of getting one.
  10. ohh its so exciting that you may get an alma. its beautiful bag!
  11. it will get heavy if you put alot of stuff in it :smile:... i luv mine !!!!!!
  12. Congrats on getting one!!