Miroir Miroir on the wall.... are they the sweetest of them all?

  1. Hey everyone!!!:smile:

    I have been looking on eBay and I am thinking of getting a speedy miroir:heart: I am in love. BUT... are they durable? I dont want to be spending loadz of money on a bag that would just be in the wardrobe.

    Those of you who are lucky enough to own one already:love: how many times have you used it etc, or have you gone back to using the 'normal' vuittons?

  2. Ehm........... to be honest, I've only used my Miroir Speedy twice and that was it, I went back to my regular vuittons... ;p

    But the bag is a keeper! You won't regret it!
  3. may i ask why only twice? Do you think it will just end up being a bag which you love, but dont use but you dont want to part with it either?
  4. There are a lot of threads on the baord about problems with the mirror pieces. Do a search and read everything carefully before spending that much money (thousands) on a bag.

    They definitely are not recommended for everyday use, or even a lot of use. I personally Would stay away for that reason. I know some people love them, but Ive read enough posts about problems that I would be very cautious. They defniitely are not a bag you could just wear around and expect to look nice for a long time.

    I imagine you will get some posts now from people that say "I've been wearing mine a lot and it's just fine; no problems - looks great." Also, on a board like this - I see a lot of posts where people will just so "go for it, " or if you've got the money, do it!" when they might not ever do it themselves. It is important to make sure the cost and wearability are right for you, and only for you.

    Remember - these bags have only been out a very short time - jury is still out in terms of how they wear. I have seen pictures of terrible scratching, handles which cause permanent bends if stored against the bags and creases in the bags, wrinkling of the handles, etc. The bags are not made out of leather, it is PVC material (plastic).

    I think they are very very expensive and only if you have lots and lots of expendable cash would I go ahead. If it were me, I would read every thread I could find (do a search just under miroir or mirror (both in case anyone misspelled) - read them all, then wait six months and watch for posts - then decide if you want to part with that much hard-earned money, after repeating the search.

    I don't mean to be a downer - I just don't think these bags are durable. I've heard a lot of problems already, and I think we are gong to hear more. For that amount of money, you could have three bags and a wallet that would last you for many years - or a gorgeous Suhali bag - again very durable.

    I would think it over very carefully before spending thousands on a plastic bag that may have very real durability issues as time goes by (already seeing lots - more may be seen as people have these bags more than a month or two). If you have lots of money, and are only going to use it on very special occasions, store it extremely carefully, etc., it may be fine. Just go into it with your eyes open very wide.
  5. wow! thanks charleston mom! you speak good sense! I think maybe im just getting carried away because they are limited edition, i have seen one on eBay for a v reasonable price!
    i will read the threads and see what i can find, it ends in two days x
  6. I must agree with charleston mom regarding this line.While the Mirior line is striking it isn't a bag I'd use everyday.They are well made but can be fragile at the same time.I view my Mirior Alma a collectors piece more than a functional everyday bag.
  7. If you really LOVE this collection I'd say to just go with a pochette because you can use it alone as a wristlet or you could use it to hold smaller things when you're using a larger bag. A pochette sounds more useful and practical. Its a beautiful piece of miroir and its not going to cost you thousands.
  8. yes i think it i did buy one i would view it as collectors too! do you ever use yours? or just for special occasions?;) thanks for your views!
  9. A pochette sounds better for me, i would use it a lot more!:yes: the thing is i cannot find a pochette anywhere!:shrugs: just speedys!
  10. I agree with charleston-mom most wholeheartedly. A couple days ago one of my friends and I were debating whether it would be good to buy a mirior speedy and sell it later if I didn't like it, hoping the price would have appreciated more by then.

    KarenKooper sells it new for around $3990 now, and there was a used one on Let-Trade for about $2500. However, the pictures on let-trade showed some stretch/scratch marks which are more visible in the enlarged pictures
    on let-trade.

    (The picture below is from the Authentic Louis Vuitton Reseller ~ let-trade.com ~ website)


    So I finally decided that it would not be useful to spend that much money on a product that might increase in value because of it's unavailability but be scared to use it for fear of damaging it. It looks like its much, much more fragile than canvas.
  11. I love mine, but I think Charleston Mom is right, it is def. not an everyday bag. I have only used mine twice, and one of those times was for the LV holiday party. Both times I didn't much in it, and you could still see the stress on the bag.

    with that said, let me rephrase my statement....I love the idea and the look of the bag...not sure I love the actual bag. kwim
  12. I wold pass and get something else. The miroir lines look like overpriced tin foil IMO. NOT worth the $$$
  13. ITA with everything said here. I was mourning the fact that i didn't get one but when I heard all the negatives I was glad. I like to use my bags although I have so many i do change around but i don't want a bag that will be quickly damaged. If you want the miroir line i think the pochette is more practical, keep checking on eBay. I am glad that I have my money now for the Ecru Rivete, it is stunning & very wearable.
  14. it is sooooo pretty!!!!! I LOVE the silver!!!! i mean i will not use it for everyday! it is a bit too way out for uni!!! lol!!!i would prob put it in a glass box on display in my roome!!!
  15. :heart:

    pochette is lovely but i really dont like small bags!:rolleyes: i like big ones even tho they are empty all the time! it would be grat it i could see on IRL:yes:

    congrats on the rivete!