Miroir, Miroir in my hand...

  1. Ever have one of those days where you put your outfit together perfectly even though you're not going anywhere special? I'm having one of those days.

    I'm wearing my silver miroir lockit for the first time and I'm wearing it with a white Prada shirtdress (2006 spring/summer collection), white strappy sandals and accessorized with Tiffany Atlas jewelry and watch. In a ten block walk to work, I could not believe the once-overs I got from women I passed -- and a few men.

    Now I need somewhere to go...

    Anyone else having this kind of day?
  2. No, but I just wanted to say that your outfit sounds so gorgeous! You should post pics while you're feeling good! :p
  3. Ha yep all the time!
    Your outfit sounds cute,I love the miroir lockit it's such a eye catcher.
  4. When I carry either my gold or silver speedy you won't believe how many people stare or point fingers. You get so much attention. My kids think it is so funny! Isn't that great? You could be walking naked and all they would notice was your miroir bag!!
  5. Your outfit sounds gorgeous!! I do have those days sometimes where I just feel so great walking into work or going downtown feeling so well put-together. Today, I'm really tired and did not put in the effort hehe!
  6. Your outfit sounds AMAZING! Wish there were some pics!
    You should totally FIND somewhere to go..like...the LV boutique? :graucho:
  7. No! No LV boutique. Next week is the Prada Sample Sale and I heard there might be an Hermes Sample Sale, too. LV's gotten plenty of my money. Prada and Hermes need a little love.:p
  8. Go out there and strut your miroir!!!!
  9. Your outfit must be quite a sight for sore eyes! Sounds stunning. Any LV bag is enough to make heads turn around these parts, add the gorgeous attire, and you'd be stopping traffic in my neck of the woods.
  10. No i wish i had a day like that.
  11. Sounds like such a cute outfit.
  12. very cute outfit indeed! show us pics!!!! :smile:
  13. neeed PIX!!!! :biggrin:
  14. we want modeling pics!
    i do that sometimes, and i end up staying home the WHOLE day...
  15. Just rock it, girl!!
    You don't need to go anywhere... This is all for you.