Miroir @ Macy's 34th Street

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  1. Just thought I'd let everyone know. I was at Macy's on 34th street a little bit ago and they had 2 Silver Pochette's and a Silver Papillon on display. If you are looking for these you might want to give them a call. I didn't ask if they had anything else, but it wouldn't hurt to call anyway if you're looking for some of the other styles.
  2. Was it the window display? I thought that they weren't able to sell those items.
  3. no, they weren't in the windows. They were by the registers just sitting right out in the open
  4. aww thats so sweet of you. thanks for the heads up!
  5. I am betting some will be returned with the holiday returns. I saw a gold papillion being returned last night at neimans.
  6. Gold Papillon? Aww. That's my favorite bag from the whole line. I love mine.
  7. I don't have any miroir, but that's the one I like the best, too.
  8. i saw someone carrying a gold papillion in bloomies nyc today. it looked teeny.

    i saw so many people carrying lv today it made my head spin a little. lol
  9. gold pap is my favorite of Miroir too! Thanks for sharing this info :smile:
  10. anyone still know if it is still available? Did anyone call