Miroir Lockits..are they still being released??

  1. Hey everyone!!

    I am just wondering whether the Miroir lockits are still being released very slowly in the UK or are they all sold out already?!

    I still so want one badly...!!


  2. I think it's a one-shot release thing... I'm afraid they're all sold out, unless someone returns the bag....
  3. I am not in the UK --- just wishing you good luck in finding a Lockit for yourself! Have you called all the stores in your area?

    I live in the USA (California) and I called a Saks LV in Florida (all across the country) to get my gold Lockit! I was really lucky!

    The LV stores that are in my area have already sold out their limited stock of the Miroir Lockits since they were released July 1st.

    Good luck with your search!
  4. i believe its sold out already. i know this someone from singapore whos selling a miroir lockit, i think in gold color coz i got the silver one. i havent seen the bag yet coz my friend got it for me and ill receive it nextweek coz a friend of mine is going there.she also includes the receipt.

    anyways i hope you find yourself a miroir goodluck!

  5. Yeah I think they're already sold out there.
  6. I was in the Nuremberg LV, and from what I understood they're pretty much all sold out. She said they received only one, and that was already sold before they got it (wait listed).
  7. I guess they are still being released as my SA said one more has arrived at our store!

  8. I saw the miroir lockit available and on display today as well
  9. Not to mention the leather goods manager at my boutique said there still sending the store more lockits.
  10. if anybody sees a gold locket please let me know.
  11. My store manager and SA say there will be more coming in but not sure when so I think they are being slowly release..