Miroir Lockit!!!

  1. Hi guys,
    I'm a new member to TPF, but I've been reading and getting all the info from you guys for a while and everything was really useful and informative. Thanks for all your hard work.
    Anyways, my story is, I was the first one to put my name on the waiting list for the Miroir Lockit in both colors. Today my SA called me and asked me WHICH COLOR I do want the most. She said that they're super limited and the store carries both colors under 10 pieces and there are 30 people on the list. :wtf: She said that even a VIP customer is allowed to get only one bag. She might get in a big trouble if she sneaked the other one out for me.:crybaby: She told me that some stores don't even have the list. The bags go directly to their stores' first VIP customers. She said that of all the limited pieces throughout the year, this line is the most limited so far.
    I remember reading member's threads about the Miroir Lockit that it might not be really limited pieces because their SAs offered them to put their names on the list. So I assumed that the list might not be too long, so I had a really high expectation of getting them in both colors. Now I'm so torn to pick only one. Even though my SA told me that she'll keep an eye on the other color for me, I still don't really think that I'm gonna get both. :crybaby:
  2. Gosh, so sorry to hear this!! BUT, on the bright side, you are definitely getting a Miroir Lockit. Which color would match your style and clothes better? Silver does seem to be very versatile as far as that goes, but gold really is so sweet! I would say get the gold if you have to choose!
  3. I am sorry to hear this that is a bummer, but the bright side as mentioned by pursenut911 is that you will actually get one, consider yourself lucky! As far as deciding which is the best color for you, which one makes your heart skip a beat? If that test doesn't work because they both do, I would take pursenut's advice and look at your wardrobe and see which you would get the most use out of. Good luck and be sure to post pics of your new beauty!
  4. Per my SA, during the last Miroir collection, a total of only 996 Miroir Speedys were available worldwide. I asked if the same was true of the Miroir Lockits and he basically stated that this was indeed the case. It's my understanding that the Miroir Lockit is the last item that LV will be introducing as part of the Miroir collection. No more Miroir items will be released in the future. Therefore, the Miroir Lockits are indeed a part of a very limited collection.
  5. Sorry to hear that but atleast you are getting one!
    I think silver is very pretty,
    It does go with alot,
    But if you wear like alot of Gold jewlery or something then i would say go for the gold, But i think silver is abit more easier to match with things.
  6. I think the gold is very special! But choose the one that you think will compliment your wardrobe and your skintone. =)
  7. The Houston botique is only getting 15, from what I was told......this is going to be real limited like whats been stated.....payed for my wifes Silver one today, it's nice to have it just a few stores away from you......
  8. I think that you are very fortunate to be able to get one my store has already informed me that I am not getting one:crybaby:I adore the silver as I think that is more user-friendly than the gold....don't forget to post photos:heart:
  9. I think the gold is very pretty! And I wanted to be on the waitlist too.. Wish me luck... :sad:
  10. Does anyone know how much is the Miroir lockit in the US??
  11. Thank you for all your advice. Actually, my SA encouraged me to get the silver. She said that it's more popular than the gold. I asked her about the quantity her store carries in each color, and it ended up that there are more silver than gold. I, therefore, went for the gold because I think in the opposite way. I don't like to have what everyone has. I like to be different and like to stand out in the crowd. :graucho:
    I also think that gold might be produced in a smaller number so that means it's really hard to find out of the two. And that's the reason that I picked gold!!!:p
    Whenever I get it (or them if I'm lucky enough), I'll post the pictures.
  12. I don't think thats exactly right^
    I think they may be giving the bigger boutiques more Gold,
    Just get the colour you like!
    It's not like your going to bump into loads of people with the lockit anyway because it's so Limited.
  13. Mirrior overall has to be pretty limited-I have never seen a mirroir bag IRL-EVER. Just try to get whatever color you can. I waitlisted for gold and was second guessing myself but am ok now. I also tried to get one of each color and was told it's not going to happen!
  14. I am looking the price on tPF now, but I can't find it yet...please someone do tell us what the price is, TIA!
  15. It's US $1,650 if I remember correctly.