Miroir Lockit ???

  1. I was at LV the other day and was asking the manager about the new bags coming out. She was telling me about everything b/c they just got back from their big meeting.

    Then I asked her if there was a Miroir Lockit coming out soon and she said yes. (I already knew this)

    Well I told her how excited I was b/c I missed out on the Speedy and Papillon and wanted to be put on the waitlist and she told me that the Miroir Lockit isn't going to be like the Speedy or Papillon... it won't have the LV's or the fleurs on it, only the plain miroir.

    She said they were going to do it like the reg. Miroir (like the prototype in the pic of the last Miroir post) but they decided to change it. :confused1:

    I don't think it will look as good:sad:
  2. Oh no! I was hoping the Lockit would look exactly the same as the Speedy and Papillon. I hope that LV manager was wrong!
  3. Eekk!!! It'll look so weird without any LV's IMHO!!! I too hope that manager is wrong!
  4. Hmm. I still want to see them. If I wasn't such a chicken I would take pics when they hold the special viewing, but I will report back as soon as I see them.
  5. oh no!



  6. HMM My SA said it WILL have the LV's and I asked that question specifically. Are you sure the manager wasn't mistaking the pictures of the Suhali lockit for the mirror?
  7. ^^ I'm thinking that's probably what happened. Can you imagine how scratched up a plain old Miroir material bag would get? Yikes.
  8. I don't know ya'll! I really hope she's wrong! She's been there for 16 years and should know her stuff!

    I asked her if she was sure and she said YES! It will be plain like Suhali and Nomade...
  9. Yeah, that would suck. I like the designs. Plain miroir would look odd I think.
  10. weird so it will look like the pochette miroir? the Karen Kooper pic shows a monogram miroir like the speedy or the papillon.
  11. Nooooooooooooooooooooo :shocked:

    Oh! if there's no LV on the bag, I don't think it will look good.
  12. The manager said the pic was a prototype and that it was changing but I REALLY REALLY hope she's mistaking!
  13. I hope she is mistaking! I was so happy to see the pic
  14. i doubt that it would look good too if it is going to be a plain miroir :s
  15. hmmm... I hope that it has something on it...