Miroir LOCKIT Owners.....How Are They Holding Up Since July??

  1. Hello fellow miroir lockit owners, it has been about 4 months since it's release. Are you using yours alot, and how have yours fared since ??

    I was told by my SA that Vuitton had alot of problems with the original miroir PVC released last December 2006, and they took this into account when producing the miroir lockits.

    I'm curious to know now if you've had the same tearing/cracking/bubbling problem that the original miroir line had. Do you put alot in your bags? Do you carry it often ? Thanks !!!!!!
  2. no probs, but I've only used it like... 0.1 times (ie ONCE for less than 2 hours) so it's basically still brandnew
  3. I used mine about 6 to 7 times so far for night out and usually stuffed with a lot of my neccesscities. No problems, no scratches at all so far.

    i was at a restuarant this tuesday with my miroir lockit hanging on the back of my chair, a rude chubby woman hit on it and dropped it on the hard floor when she was carelessly walking pass by. I was like :wtf:, and saw her walked right out of the door without even noticing what she had done (or pretending?). Then, a waiter picked up my lockit for me while I was still :wtf:.

    I examine my lockit carefully after the dinner and lucky it turned out all fine . I just needed to clean it with lysol wipes to make sure it didnt pick up any germs from the restaurant floor.

    In my opinion , the miroir lockit is quite durable. I don't have the miroir bags from the first release, so I cant compare.

    btw, i have just got my purse hanger...so no more worries with my bags!
  4. My lockit's doing fine obviously I have an eagle eye on my miroirs I haven't used it in awhile now I think about it
  5. Mine it's great, no problems or bubbling. Other than a little scratch i did myself right after i brought her home.:mad: She is only been out a couple of times though..
  6. I still haven't used mine yet :nogood:
  7. my silver one is a-ok. i used her twice (once shopping for a little over 4 hours and then another time to dinner for a little bit over 2 hrs) and nothing damaging. however i should note that the glue from the glazing of the handles tend to rub off onto the handles and you have to rub it off, it doesnt damage the PVC though.

    My baby is currently getting reglazed (i think?!!) because I accidently smooshed a part of the handles with those plastic container thing so the glazing came off.
  8. So far so good with my gold and silver Miroir Lockits. I've used the silver more than the gold --- at least a total of 10 times since I bought them. They look brand new.
  9. ^^---Jen----- :huh:

    Well- in the two times that Miroir has taken me for a dance :graucho: they both fared very well. Get a scratch? Rub THE HECK outta it and it disappears!!!!!!!! Like magic seriously.

    I so need one in Gold!!!!
  10. Maybe i should try that, thanks.:smile:

  11. me either~!

    it's still in the dust bag, in the box.....poor bag......:supacool::nogood:
  12. oh my gosh, i know how bad it sounds but i swear it wasnt my fault. i was about to throw the BIGGEST fit :hysteric:of all times especially since I'm so super anal about my bags. No clue how that slipped by me :cursing:

    I swear! Imagine the look on my face when I saw the handles of my precious baby lodged between the plastic container and the lid... I didnt know whether to cry, scream, or start throwing things everywhere. if my cousin didnt keep me sane, that plastic container would've been broken into a thousand pieces!!

    oh man, i'm a perfect miroir mommy, i swear.

    but speaking of gold...... :tup::graucho::yes: and i think you know what I'm hinting at!! ;)
  13. I still am yet to use mine too:shame:
  14. I hardly use mine, but faring really really well.
  15. I'm curious if you haven't used it yet why not? break that baby out