Miroir Lockit or Sergent GM???!!!


Which do you guys should I get?

  1. Gold Miroir Lockit

  2. Sergent GM

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. My Miroir Lockit is on its way via post but I suddenly thought of the beautiful Sergent GM. Which do you guys think should I get? Thanx!:nuts:
    gold miroir lockit.jpg sergent+vuitton.jpg
  2. i pickd sergeant mainly bcoz i think the lockit is kinda 'overpublicized' and most people think the sergeant is not soo beautiful. but i strongly believe that after a while, people will starts to think that bag is beautiful esp when it's not available anymore. i hope i'm right~ =p
  3. i think a guy can get away with the Seargeant GM more than a gold Lockit.
  4. wow tough call..
    I'm gonna vote for the lockit just cuz I have silver one but I think sergent is gorgeous as well
    sorry I'm no help lol
  5. I'd stick with the Miroir lockit. It's truly a beautiful and versatile hand bag.
  6. Will you use the lockit or just keep it as a collector's piece?
  7. I love the Sergent GM.
  8. I haven't seen the sergent, but I LOVE the miroir lockit!
  9. I voted for the sergent gm:tup:
  10. Sergent GM gets my vote.
  11. wait a minute... didn't you get the lockit in the end LVuittonLVR? :biggrin:
  12. miroir lockit get my vote!!!!

  13. I did. This post is old. Can any mod close it? It's onto the Mirage now. :nuts: