Miroir lockit in Asia

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  1. Can someone please confirm with me if Malaysia will be getting the miroir lockit and if anyone have put their name on the waitlist in KL. There is os much confusion here in Msia. I rang up and LV in Msia said that they will not be recieving the lockits at all. I went into the store and the SA said that they will be recieving the lockits and for me to put a deposit on it immediately. I rang on wednesday and went into the store wednesday afternoon. How can they have 2 different stories in a matter of a few hrs? What should I do? Should i put a deposit or fly to singapore, which is a hassle and put a deposit there instead? Is there even place on the waitlist in singapore left??
    Help me in my dilemma....
  2. Couldn't you call the singapore store in question and have them put you on the list?
  3. ^ it sounds like they have to put down a deposit in addition to getting on the waitlist? yeah, why not just call store in SG first?
  4. I did call singapore, but they said I have to personally go into the store to get myself on the waiting list. I can't unless I fly there... But thanks for the suggestion.
  5. Then I would consider how likely it is for the Malasian store to get it; do they regularly get LE items? Do they get runway items, is it a well stocked store? If it's a big well stocked store I don't think I would bother taking a long trip. It also depends on how much you want it. If you want to make 100% sure you get it, and you aren't sure after considering everything, I'd go to Singapore too. =)
  6. well different stories are possible. The Montreal boutique where I usually go won't be getting the miroir lockits cuz we're a tiny store, but the Toronto flagship one will be.
    So I called Toronto several times to confirm my standing, and the SAs there are like "you are hearing rumours, we will not start a waitlist for you, there is no confirmation...blah blah blah...etc" and then I talked to my SA today in Montreal and she's assuring me that I will be the 1st to receive the bag in Canada and telling me all these secrets... so basically if you call by phone, those SAs AND MANAGER(S) will LIE RIGHT IN YOUR FACE WITH NO SHAME lol, however in back they have a "special VIC waitlist" that they don't tell the public about. I'd suggest you to go to your favourite SA in PERSON and let the SA write an email or something to bump you up the waitlist:yes:

    EDIT: another tip, my dad's going to the flagship store today to have his CC card copied/imprinted by that machine cuz they're saying stuff like "the CC number is not enough...etc" so you should go to the store to get your card copied as well since it gives you more priority
  7. this bag has been the point of so much rumor.
  8. I can't wait to see it!
  9. I wish they were doing the Lockit V instead of the small bag,I'm listed for both but I will most likely pass on these due to the size.
  10. is the miroir lockit launch will be small? like a mini HL? :confused1:
  11. No lilirose the bag should be the size of the regular lockit ;).
  12. I read in the 'SpringSummer 2007 The Summary' thread that only global stores are getting the Miroir Lockits
  13. The Msia store is big, a flagship store (whatevre that means, I dun know) They have the widest collection of everything, that day I saw the Fersen, the Kirsten in both colours; and u know how hard those bags are to get. I saw the Azur speedy in 30, which many is still waiting for in other parts of the world. Sa also told me that everyone who was on the waitlist for the miroir got their miroirs and nobody missed out. Then because of the guy on the phone that told me they wont be coming, i have my doubts. So many what do u think? Because he lied on the phone as its only for VIC, then i went in the store, and SA saw that I was a genuine LV fan, so she said ok? But I didn't put a deposit.
  14. Can u pls explain what is Global Stores?
  15. ^ Global stores are stores that sell RTW (ready-to-wear). However there is currently mixed news about non Global stores receiving the Miroir Lockits as well..

    The SpringSummer 2007 The Summary thread is a good thread to read up on as it'll contain info about the Miroir Lockit.