Miroir Lockit Glue Problem...

  1. Hey everyone!!

    Please can anyone with a miroir lockit tell me, when you hold the handles and the 'glue' side touches the smooth side of the handle, does the glue leave a sticky residue on the smooth part of the handle?? :confused1:

    I used my lockit today and that was what happened to mine. Does that mean I will have to seperate the handles everytime I hold them together to stop the glue from touching the other handle? :wtf:

    I am worried that the glue will eventually wear out and the handle will split open! :crybaby:

    As soon as I came home I had to remove the sticky glue off the smooth part with a wet tissue...took me a while!!! :cursing:

  2. i think this may be the type of issue that was happening with the miroir pochettes when people were storing them...the strap was sticking to the pochette on the "bound" side of the strap. i don't think there's much you can do. i think that's what i would try to do, as much as it may suck i'd just try to keep the handles separated. i had to stop storing my miroir that way and still haven't gotten the mark off my bag :sad:
  3. Brenda, so sorry you are having this glue problem with your Miroir Lockit. I believe someone else had this same problem, too, and posted about it and she had to do the same thing you did. I've been using my silver Miroir Lockit (used it today even) and so far I haven't had any problem.

    Perhaps you can talk to your SA about it and see if LV has a solution? Good luck!!
  4. Have the bag checked by an SA at the boutique. Its such a pretty bag and for the amount you paid for it, it deserves the best care possible :smile:
  5. it's happened with mine it leaves a residue but it's not sticky I find rubbing it with your fingers is best to get it off, I'm fairly sure the bag will be ok & I don't think there's anything they can do
  6. I have not noticed anything like that with mine. I would at least call your LV store, that way if there is a problem it is documented and they can try to fix it!
  7. Really does it happen to yours as well Claire?

    Well actually its not really that sticky, kind of dries on but I guess it should be the same as yours!

    So does this happen to your speedies as well? I am just worried that the glue will wear itself out! :crybaby:

  8. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you I've just checked my speedies the problem doesn't seem to happen as much on them although there are tiny spots of this "stuff"

    I'm not so sure it is glue it's hard to explain (especially without making it sound totally gross) but I think it's basically just dirt, handles of vachetta will get dirty but the miroir can't because it's vinyl so I think this is just the reaction of dit and vinyl, but I'm only speculating
  9. no... mine's fine. I htink it might be the weather if you live in a REALLY hot and humid place... :shrugs:
  10. ^ hehehe the UK is far from hot & humid
  11. hahahaha! How silly of me:roflmfao:
    In this case, i dunno... mgiht just be a bad bag...:confused1:
  12. I've been using mine & no prob so far
  13. Oh dear.....I live in the tropics and now I'm worried about this glue...so far my miroir lockit has been "eyecandy" rather than "armcandy" !!
  14. I found this problem too with my lockit. But it comes off easily when I rub it with my fingers
  15. I hope it dries hard later on so it rubs off less! Unless that isn't the problem!

    I wonder if anyone has told their LV stores about this problem!?