Miroir lock-it coming out in two sizes

  1. I called my SA today to get on the list for a lockit and she asked me which size I wanted. I thought it was only coming out in one size? Well she asked if I wanted the small or medium size and she said so far it's only coming out in one color. I put myself down for a small one until I can go into the store and see the two lockits in front of me..then I'll decide.
  2. ^^I've heard the same as Rebecca. I'm on the waitlist for both colors- I wasn't asked which size I wanted.
  3. Small and medium? :confused1: Would medium be horizontal, vertical, or neither? I think the SA must be mixed up about this!
  4. Who knows..but she did give me a solid July 1st release date!! woo hoo!!
  5. Well if it's only one colour I hope it's gold :p
  6. I cant wait for them to come out.
  7. any ideas how much the mirror lockit? i am getting interested.
  8. ^^The consensus seems to be in the $1300-1400 range- definitely less than $2K.
  9. I would love a larger gold bag!
  10. all i want are pictures!
    it must be sooo gorgeous!
  11. Gosh, I remember hearing something about different sized Lockits. I will need to read that message again, I don't know if it was for Miroir or Suhali. Probably Suhali. But, from what my SA told me is that they only were able to get a confirmation and do not know color options, sizes or prices.
  12. Okay, I have to stop reading threads, lol. Making me want to spend more money! I really love the miroir though and the price sounds tempting.
  13. Suddenly LV is coming out with "gotta have's" & last year at this time, the line wasn't that exciting.
    I think the Suhali lock-it will be HUGE!