Miroir Line

  1. I went to the Union Square Louis Vuitton to check out the new Miroir line.

    I thought the material was very glossy but, it reminded me of the Vernis line. I really liked it, I know a lot of other members saw it and said it looks/feels cheap and I didn't think that at all. I really love the Pochette and the Papillon was really nice and very silver-you can see yourself. The only thing that I noticed about the Papillon was that the straps were kinda stiff, still very nice though. I also saw the Alma and it looks smaller IRL IMO. I wish I would of saw the Speedy. Oh well.

    Let the count down to Miroir begin... 6 days to go!
  2. well i know you're a very dedicated LE collector, so who cares what other ppl say right? lol buy the miroir!!!!!!

    I personally don't like it cuz I don't htink I can wear it, it's too flashy imo. Did you see the shoes too? Are you gonna collect them too? lol I posted in another thread about the shoes...kinda like 2" high wedge-heels with thick straps if you're interested
  3. Thanks for the update .. can't wait to see them IRL:wlae:
  4. I want to go in and sneak a peak myself, my SA called on Wed...I think they are trying to get people in to see it and decide, since the list is so long....but I afraid of the crowds. I might go in Tuesday when it's slower...I am excited to see it!
  5. Thanks for the update. I have a feeling I'll love it no matter what people say.
  6. I don't really like Louis Vuitton shoes; I think they are uncomfortable. Thanks for the info though. :smile:
  7. Really try to see it, Mary. I think it's nice and I can see why it's called Miroir-you can see yourself in it. LOL.
  8. Thx Mich for the update. I truly trust your opinion and I know now that I will love it. I really like how you compared it to the Vernis line, which was what I was thinking in the back of my mind, but glad you said it first! :yes:

    I can't wait! :yahoo:
  9. Ohhh, the blasphamy....my ears! ;)
  10. Thnaks Michelle! I know if you like it, then I I know I will love it, in real life also! I can't wait!
  11. where are the shoes:nuts: i wanna see, should be quite nice;)
  12. so is the papilon size 30?
  13. Thanks for the information Michelle. I need to try to head to my LV to get the low down!
  14. Thanks for the info!!!!!

    I am going to the Melting Pot tomorrow for my anniversary:smile:...I will make SO run into LV with me really quickly to check out the Miroir....
  15. Can't wait! I'm so excited. I think we've been wondering about them pretty much since the day of that runway show!