Miroir line - Who's in for a shiny bag?

  1. My LV guru emailed me and wanted to know if I wanted to reserve the Pochette or the Papillion. :yahoo: He won't let me buy a bigger bag since I am a wee gal. Anyone else jumping this bandwagon?
  2. i used to like the silver Papillon, but lately i've begun to fall out of love with the line. it's a bit too flashy for me :Push:
  3. Not me. I don't like that line. ;)
  4. Waiting for it to come out to see it IRL before I decide. But I've already gotten my name on the list!
  5. Want to see it IRL :smile:
  6. I can't decide -- gold or silver! I am leaning towards Pochette in Gold, Papillion in Silver.
  7. I am down for both speedies. I am certain that I will get at least one if not for any other reason than to own one.
  8. i might get a pochette... everything else is too big and flashy for me.
  9. It's not for me - too flashy.
  10. I think the pochette is adorable, I'd go for that. The other bags have a little too much bling for me.
  11. Yeah I think the pouchette would be too cute for a night on the town.
  12. I'm on the list for a silver speedy, but I want to see it IRL first before buying it.
  13. i don't think i'll get anything, but may change my mind when i see it IRL
  14. yeah I'm also still iffy I want to see it irl
  15. i'm down for silver speedy and pochette in gold & silver, I put my name down in june/july and still so long to wait!!! I thought about the papillon but as we're still not sure of material I was worried it may crease easily.

    I think the mirroir is going huge when it launches