Miroir Line? Rude SA:( (need to vent, sorry a bit long)

  1. I am soo upset!! I went to Holts at Yorkdale in Toronto yesterday and was asking about Miroir line and one SA told me that its not out yet, so I said I know its not out yet but when will it be out? And she asked another one and he looked at me (he was sitting down and didnt even get up) and said well its sometime soon, but we are only getting 3 pieces in the store and all wait lists are closed now! Its just the way he said it was so rude!!! :sad: I asked him about another LV stores and if the lists were still open there and he was like " Well you will have to go to those stores and find out" I dont know! I was speechless, how come they work for the same company and wouldnt even offer some kind of help? Sorry for the rant, i was just so surprised the way he spoke to me! I always shop at Yorkdale's Holt renfrew and they always see me and everyone is always sooo nice to me, this is the first time, so i got very upset:sad: Now my boyfriend tells me i should go to Customer Service and tell them , but i am just not a kind of person to do it! I mean i do understand that its a limited edition line and probably is hard to get, but he could have at least offer some kind of help or at least try to find out if the other stores might have it.
    Does this happen a lot? Or is it just my luck? :hysteric:
  2. Sorry to hear that. The Miroir line is launching on Dec 1st. I hear the wait lists are indeed very long and the bags are very limited. There was a problem during production and they were unable to make as many bags as they had originally thought. Hope that helps.
  3. Sorry you had such a bad experience:sad:

    Michelle--thanks for the info:smile:
  4. No problem! : )
  5. Sorry but there is always crappy SAs don't take it personall probably he had his menstruation LOL kidding :P

    what was the problem??? are they gonna do small goods aswell??
  6. sigh... i've had enough with snobby SAs...
    why do they feel the need to be so rude :sad:
  7. Yep it will be really limited. I saw my SA telling a client that she will probably never get the speedy because they will only get 5 pieces! And I m talking about the 5th ave store. They will get 25 pieces for all the miroir line (papillon, speedy, keepall, cles, pochettes) which is nothing.
  8. I hope it's just a bad day for them, because they've always been great otherwise. I do know that there are very few coming in though, another boardie put down her CC for one and she isn't guaranteed one either !
  9. Thank you for info Michelle, i had no idea that it was limited because of the production problem. But you know, i do understand that it is extremely limited and although this fact upsets me, the way my question was handled by that SA is what was most upsetting for me:sad: I mean he could have at least stand up and tell me that in a nice manner. Oh well, i guess its just feels weird that although i am the customer who pays for the product, yet i am being treated like that and the SA is the ever powerful G-d who decides who gets the bag and who doesnt. Sometimes its just the matter of customer service you know :sad:
  10. I'm so sorry for your bad experience! ;(
  11. Sorry for the bad experience. Unfortunately it happens.
  12. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I STRONGLY suggest you call the Customer Service line. I think we've all heard more than enough bad customer service stories at LV stores. And sure often the service is great, but for such an established and high-end store, it should be a given and a constant. Without customers, the company and its employees would NOT have a job.
  13. Thank you ladies for your support:smile: I think i am just going to use a different location from now on, so that one will not get any commision out of me :biggrin:
  14. It is unfortunate that these things happen. SAs feel empowered due to their position and let's put it this way, they are just 'sales people'. The qualification and intelligence level required to be a 'sales person' is not high, so it would be fair to expect the occassional rude and dumb attitude.

    If you continue feel too badly abt it, make a low profile complain to the manager of the store...that should put him in his place and give you some pece of mind. It's like the occassional bad seeds some organisations have.
  15. It's too bad that you had to go through that. The SA's should all be friendly and helpful --- after all, without us customers, they would not have a job! Plus this is a luxury brand and should always have excellent customer service.

    Talk to the manager of the store. You might get some peace of mind knowing that you've brought this SA's rude service to the manager's attention.

    You shouldn't even have to shop at another location either. Perhaps that might be something to tell the manager, too, that you'll shop at a different LV store.