Miroir Line on Eluxury?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew if the Miroir Line will ever be on Eluxury?
  2. I doubt it. They've stopped producing the bags already, and except for the pochettes, I think most pieces are gone from the stores already. :sad:
  3. Oh okay. Do you know if there was any particular reason for not having it on the site?
  4. They are fashion show items. Before even produced, the line of waiting list long enough to have all bags sold out and none available for the site.
  5. No, they will never be on eluxury! Shortage of production.
  6. Ah, I understand. Thanks! :yes:
  7. Yeah. The original look book stated that they would be on there but that was before the production problem. So now they won't be on there.
  8. Basically fashion items will always be like that. Not all but most.

  9. Yep. It was said to be available on Elux but, like Rebecca said this was before the production issues. And just to clarify when I say 'production issues' it doesn't mean quality issues, it just means it was harder to produce than anticipated and less items were produced as a result.

    Someone had posted a thread about some Miroir bags that were on display inside one of the New York stores. Try calling the 866 number to see if any are still available.
  10. Its pretty standard for the print out to state that, the same when they printed the cataloque.
  11. Is it also standard for them to print how many pieces Elux will get? To me that is a clear indication that they should have rec'd them but didn't. And I never see them list Elux on any of the LE lines/bags.
  12. exactly dear :P
  13. Yeah but not every collection on those sheets say that elux will get it. At first the Groom line and the sunglasses weren't supposed to be put on there but they were eventually. If you read it, some say elux and some don't regardless of the fact that it might be an LE line.
  14. its confusing isnt it :roflmfao:
  15. Yeah lol..keeps us on our toes :lol: