Miroir keychain???

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone has pics of the miroir keychain? And if anyone has seen it IRL, would you recommend it?

    I'm looking for a silver keychain, any suggestions would be helpful.

    Thanks! =)
  2. ^No to all of your questions, but I bet it is TDF!!

    A GREAT way to get a little piece of the Mirior collection if the bags are alittle too flashy:smile:

    Hope someone else can answer your questions!!
  3. cute..:

  4. ^thanks for posting!! Super helpful!! :smile:
  5. Thanks Nita. I wonder if these are hard to get if one isn't on the waitlist. Also, what is the retail on this?
  6. I think that the new keychain similar to disco-ball (I don't know the right name) looks appropriate with mirroir line!
  7. I saw it on the weekend in silver. It's really pretty and very very shiny. The Saks on michigan avenue in chicago had only one of them.
  8. I saw the silver one here and it was quite heavy too:yes:
  9. That is hot.
  10. I saw the silver one too. It's very heavy, looks well made, and has a long chain.