Miroir Keepall?

  1. A friend of a friend in London (Works for Vanity Fair), has had a Miroir Keepall for ages and is selling after not using it.

    It was a gift to her, and shes asking for £970 (Around $2000).

    BUT, i never knew that LV did a Keepall 55 in the Miroir Monogram?
    Its silver, and i would buy it but im just concerned its not authentic!

    Anyone any ideas?! And do you think its a good price anyway? I love my big bags you see :biggrin:.
  2. It was made in a 55 and depending on how she got it, it could be authentic and be a prototype or could be just a normal one bought from the store. I know that it was also made with a strap for the show but released without one. I would think that is a good price but make sure its authentic first. Maybe she can send some pics to you ?.

    EDIT - it cost $3080 so £970 is a bargain
  3. Oh fantastic! Thanks for that :biggrin:!

    Im gonna get some pictures, she said she'll try and send them in the week. Otherwise, i'll meet up with her and see it in person.

    I was thinking of going to London on Wednesday anyway so ill give her an e-mail an meet for lunch.

    Im just wondering what the Date Code should be? I'll check that out and obviously the overall quality and other tell tale signs!

  4. IDK about datecode but usually fake miroir is really weird looking so that might be a tell tale sign. :smile:
  5. Thanks! :biggrin:
  6. If she could e-mail you pics, you could post them in the "authenticate this LV" thread and then you could get some really solid advice on authenticity. Good Luck and keep us posted!
  7. If it is authentic, $2k is a pretty good deal- they retailed for $3.6k or so new and are usually in the high $2k to mid $3k range on eBay.
  8. Most of the date codes for the Miroir Speedy's that I've seen have a date code of MB1016. Definitely feel free to post pics in the authentication thread!
  9. Thanks guys!
    She did say she would send me some pictures so i'll definatley put them up in the Authentication thread.

    Shes not really how much to sell if for because shes much more a Fendi/Hermes girl and doesnt ever deal with LV. But i'll be honest with her saying thats a really low price and give her £1150 ($2300).

    Thanks as well John for the date code! And also, im sure ill be able to tell if its a Fake from other characteristics aswell.

    Ahhh! Im excited now :biggrin: