Miroir Keepall - Gold/Silver?

  1. This has always been on the back of my mind. I luv it a lot. Silver or gold? Is it still available at your local stores? Need yr opinions. TIA. :smile:
  2. I would get silver. I saw a Keepall a couple weeks back at my store. I'm not sure if it's still there though.
  3. it may not be available, its been gone for a WHILE now....
    but id go for silver...
  4. Go with the silver one.
  5. I like the gold. Haven't seen any Miroir pieces in stores lately though...
  6. Silver is better for me.
  7. pochettes......
  8. Silver absolutely, if you can get it
  9. silver most definitely. are you still waiting for yours?
  10. My store has one of each but am afraid time is running out. I hae spent a fair bit lately so this is a big decision for me considering the price.
  11. Silver. it's not too attention-grabbing like gold.
  12. I too like silver more than gold but am leaning towards gold coz the gold seems to be pretty hard to find. Hardly have seen pics or anyone holding them. :smile:
  13. Dont buy a bag b/c its "hard to find" -- buy the bag you love. Time and time again folks buy bags as an investment b/c they think certain colors or styles are hard to find but they never enjoy their purchase.

    If you love the silver (which I DO) then rock the silver!
  14. if you really, really, really love it go for it while its still there... maybe you don't see gold a lot is because silver is the more popular colour ;)
  15. ITA! if you really love this bag, it would've been your first priority and not spend your $$$ on other stuff.... maybe you're just blinded (so to speak) by the limited factor of the bag. jmho.